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Making good cake toppers depends on good photos so keep all these things in mind as you proceed. If you can get hold of a digital camera so much the better. You can take lots of shots and review them quickly so you can see if you need to retake any.
Take pictures at eye level or you end up with a "nose hole" shot...not a flattering angle. If the person you are taking pictures of is taller than you are have them kneel or sit down.
Please pull hair back for pictures ! If you have bangs, send pictures with them both up and down if you will have them down for the wedding

IWHEN I SAY "CLOSE UP" this is what I mean. Head and shoulders Zoom to this distance don't get too close to the camera or your face will be distorted

Both ears showing equally
The tipped back pose is a typical mistake, especially with the guys. The ladies favor the tipped down pose....no, no!

DO NOT just turn your head for a profile or 3/4 shot.


Eyes forward not down.

A true profile will not show the other cheek or eye brow.
Take pictures of both profiles. Usually one will be in more shadow than the other
Same expression in all photos
If you wear glasses take photos with them on AND off
  • Solid, light colored background
  • full front, both ears showing equally
  • both profiles
  • three quarter view
  • put hair up into pony tail
  • smile in ALL the pictures the way you want to be depicted
  • keep subject at camera level
  • for profiles, turn the whole body not just the head and keep eyes forward, not down
  • close ups are good but have shoulders showing. If you're too close the face gets distorted (nose gets reeeeally big!) When you take the face shots it is better to take a few steps back and zoom in a little rather than get the camera too close.
  • if you wear glasses take pictures with and without, in all views.
  • I also need one picture of the two of you next to each other, full front , full body and back to back
Ladies please put your hair up so I can see your whole face and neck